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    Anyone thought of option to allow monitoring of device with snmp but not icmp and have it be green in NPM?


      Being able to monitor some devices with snmp and have them appear up in NPM without icmp echo also would be great for me.  We have networks I'd like to monitor past firewalls that will NEVER allow icmp traffic to pass due to exploits that take advantage of icmp to pass convert channel traffic.


      Or as an alternative to allow an snmp ping type packet instead.  Some Isolated and Restricted enclaves have devices I'd love to monitor and be green in NPM without requiring ICMP echo.


      I mean think of our options:

      No Status: External Node
      No data collection for this node.
      Status Only: ICMP
      Collect status, response time and packet loss data only, using ICMP (ping).
      Windows Servers: WMI and ICMP
      Collect CPU, memory, volume and ICMP data for Windows Servers that do not support SNMP.
      Most Devices: SNMP and ICMP - Recommended

      How about snmp ONLY!!!