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    Report help - create "phantom" node


      Let me start this out by defining what a "phantom" node is...for the purposes of reporting only, I need to account for remote sites that are completely unmanaged by IT (they have DSL or something at their small office, and use VPN).  I'm thinking the easiest way is to create an "external node" that is not polled for information, but can be used in a report.


      Why do I need this...my manager has been tasked with providing a monthly report to his managers.  This report will show how many sites are IT managed and have our new network configuration, IT managed with the old network configuration, and the sites that IT can't manage.


      What it will look like...I'm hoping this report can provide 1 row and 3 columns of data.  1 row to represent the "Sites."  1 column for each type of network (new, old, none)  Each cell will have a number for the total of that type.


      New configuration rule will equal "Remote Site" and "router type = Cisco"

      Old configuration rule will equal "Remote Site" and "router type != Cisco"

      Others configuration rule will equal "Remote Site" and "Node = External"


      Can this be done?  I'm running NPM 10.5, and I know there are reporting enhancements coming in 10.6, but I don't even know if those will do it.