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    VLANs by Switch report




      I'm looking to get from UDT a list of all the VLANs on each switch we have. I can't seem to see a report that gives me this specifically only reports that show active ports and history about them. Is this something that I can get and then add to the Reports page on the website?


      Many thanks


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          How's this for a start - I would set the operationalstatus field formating as Object Status, hide nodeid and flag, and group by caption (or even add sitecode or location to group by)


          select n.nodeid,n.caption, p.Name,p.operationalstatus,p.portdescription, v.vlanid, v.vlanname, p.flag

          FROM       dbo.Nodes AS n WITH (NOLOCK) left join

                           dbo.UDT_Port AS p WITH (NOLOCK) ON p.NodeID = n.NodeID AND p.Flag not in (1,3) left JOIN

                           dbo.UDT_VLAN as v  WITH (NOLOCK) ON p.PortID = v.PortID

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              Bonus points -

              add to the end a where filter with variable like


              where nodeid = ${nodeid}


              Then add a custom report writer on your node page so that it returns just the interfaces and vlan just for that switch - yeehaw - this will break the report writer view so get your formatting above done first or comment out while you do.