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    black screen


      I have one user machine (windows 7 64 bit) that only gives me a black screen when I connect. MRC works fine with the xp machines on the network. Is there some setting I need to change?

      or am I missing something else?  Thanks

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          Lawrence Garvin

          Ahh.. here we go.. more details in the MRC forum post. :-)


          Gives you a black screen IN the MRC software... or on the remote system's display?


          Is the remote system a multi-monitor system?

          What are the configured screen resolution(s) of the remote system?

          What indications to you get on the remote system (i.e. does the DameWare agent indicate a connection was made?)

          Have you tried this both with a user logged onto the remote system and with no user logged onto the remote system?

          Have you confirmed that the IP Address being used to initiate the connection from DMRC is also the actual IP Address of the remote system?