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    Reboot Node Alert


      We have an alert setup that alerts on a node reboot but have noticed recently a number of what we thought were false positive alerts from some servers.


      After investigating we found that if the SNMP service is restarted or shutdown\started an alert is fired off saying a node reboot has occurred.


      I presume that whatever OID that particular alert looks at it gets reset whenever the service is restarted\shutdown\restart?


      Is this the case and is there any other way of locking this down that it doesn't alert when the SNMP is restarted\shutdown\restart?


      Any advice would be much appreciated.





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          My understanding is that the OOB "node reboot" alert does indeed use the OID referring to the status of the SNMP agent, which as you said, does not accurately reflect a true node reboot.


          Another recent thread I saw talked about using the UnDP tool to configure a poller using the OID as the system uptime. Perhaps that might work? An alert could work off changes to the status of that OID I would think.