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    Calling all Austin-based customers!


      Are you located in Austin, Texas?  Are you interested in having us visit you so that you can give us your feedback?  We want to hear from you! 


      The User Experience (UX) team is looking to talk to customers about some new website designs, and we'd like to visit customers as part of the project.  These one-hour sessions will take place August 26, 27 and 28. 

      If you participate, you'll influence the direction that the designs take and you'll receive 2,000 thwack points. 

      To learn more or to sign up, email me directly at anna.rowe@solarwinds.com




      SolarWinds UX Team

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          we need a much better web site. i called you and left a few VM


          the old site was much better




          • unable to find downloads against my account
          • cant see what version i have vs what the most recent is
          • cant tell if my version is the same version as what is being announced
          • unable to edit open cases other then sending them in by email
          • thwack and solarwinds site and not intergarted
          • when i log in to my portal, i get a ton of generic infro. when i log , show me what i have in more detail