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    Universal Poller without seperate Transform

    david wallis



      I'm sure this is a simple question, but one I haven't managed to find the answer to..


      I have a universal device poller which polls APC inline current meters and PDU's for the total load in kW and also the load per phase or bank in amps..


      now the APC OID returns this in tenths of amps so I have a separate transform which multiplies this by 0.1 which works fine..


      however when you go to the device you see the 6 results, the original and the transformed ones - which is confusing, so I only want to see the ones with the transforms applied.. my interpretation is that I need the universal poller assigned for the transform to work, hence seeing all 6..


      However if I export the poller, I see a formula attribute, so am I interpreting this that I can apply a transform directly to the poller?


      If so I can't get it to work.. Can anyone help?




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          Hi David,


          can you post screenshot of what exactly you see on the web? You have to have both pollers assigned to the device (node) if you want to see transform poller but you dont have to display both on the web.




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              david wallis



              Thanks for the reply, I have attached the screenshot..


              So the ones I don't want to see are rPDULoadStatusLoad1 2 and 3.. rPDULoadStatusLoad1Amps are the transforms.




              Also why I have peoples attention, is it possible to do transforms on two pollers, IE sum the A + B feed to the rack to give me total load per rack to display on charts or even a Map?



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                  Yes it's possible to combine more pollers in the transformation formula. Just make sure that pollers you'll use for transform are assigned on the same node(s) and have the same polling interval.


                  To your original qustion:

                  Universal Device Poller Status resource doesn't allow any filtering. Easiest thing you can do is change the group name for your UnDPs. You'll still see all the values but organized under different group. For example 'APC original' and 'APC transformed'. Group cold be changed in the UnDP application when editing UnDP.


                  Another option is to use Custom Query resource and select only the UnDPs you're interested in (transformations in this case). Just place 'Custom Query' resource on some node details view. Edit this resource and paste following code as a Custom SWQL Query:


                  SELECT c.UniqueName AS [Poller Name], s.Status AS [Current Status], ToLocal(s.DateTime) AS [Last Polled]

                  FROM Orion.NPM.CustomPollerAssignment a

                  JOIN Orion.NPM.CustomPollers c ON a.CustomPollerID = c.CustomPollerID

                  JOIN Orion.NPM.CustomPollerStatus s ON a.CustomPollerAssignmentID = s.CustomPollerAssignmentID

                  WHERE c.PollerType = 'F' AND a.NodeID = ${NodeID}