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    FEATURE REQUEST - Link Existing Split DHCP Scopes into a Single Merged Subnet


      I see how to take an existing DHCP scope and split it using IPAM.   I also see the option to Enable Duplicate Subnets and understand that it merges duplicate subnets into one, specifically for split-scope scenarios.


      What I'd like to do is take an EXISTING split scope from 2 DHCP servers, run my discovery with IPAM, and have it automatically merge the scopes into one subnet.   According to tech support, I would need to actually "unsplit" my existing scopes, then discover and import them with IPAM, then split them using IPAM.   I don't want to mess with existing, production DHCP scopes in such a way.


      My case number was 510751, so you can see the history.   It seems like a simple option on the linking page with the discovered subnets.   I can check 2 of them, IPAM can see that they're overlapping and prompt me to merge them into one subnet to manage.  




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