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    Dameware v9 Mouse Movement on Window Focus.


      I'm using Dameware MRC v9 on Windows 7 remoting to other Vista/Windows7 Computers. My issue is that if I connect, minimize the window, then later click on it in the task bar, the remote client's mouse moves toward the bottom of their screen nearest to where my mouse pointer is. It does this even though my mouse pointer is outside of the Dameware Window. So while I'm doing remote support on an issue if I click on another window or minimize that dameware session, then later go back to it....it moves their mouse around.  Which has become quite anoying. Usually my mouse is below the Dareware window and it moves their mouse to their taskbar or clock popping up a preview window or tray icon description or who knows what. Then they have to move their mouse back again.


      While the Dareware window continues to have focus I can move my mouse around outside of the dameware window and it doesn't effect the remote client's mouse.  It seems to be only when the Dameware MRC window gets focus again after losing it. Whether it gains focus back from an Alt+Tab,  Windows+Tab, or a Click to that window from the taskbar it does this....and...its....driving...me...crazy....  :-)


      Any other Remote Control software I have used does not move the Client's mouse unless my mouse goes within the border of their screen within the application.

      Does anyone else have this issue?  Anything I can do about it?