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    Is there a way to access FrontBase db if the normal whd username/password does not work?


      Our instance of WHD is down hard, server rebooted itself and am being asked to reconnect to database. Prompted with drop down for Vendor (DB type - we used FrontBase embedded), host, username & password.


      Using traditional whd/whd as username and password I am getting connection refused.


      Attempting to open FrontBase Manager fails.


      I have been backing this up since 2006, all attempts to recover using previous backups results in segmentation fault in command line.

      I've reinstalled and setup a clean install for our user base, we have no access to our legacy data.


      I have run a fresh install on another system and tried multiple attempts of either getting into db using FrontBase Manager or connecting FB database through the web access.


      Is there a way to get in through some other means? I have tried the original Joe Admin account (admin/admin), FAQ's for stopping/starting and migrating, as well as restoring - which mentioned earlier fails w/ a segmentation fault.