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    WPM Playback Player Service Keeps Stopping




      I have been trying to set up the Player for this application, and i keep running into trouble. The application installs just fine. The problem is that when we start the service it immediately . crashes. In the logs this appears often:


      "System.InvalidOperationException: 2 certificates with subject name SolarWinds-SEUM_PlaybackAgent were found, but only one was expected.
      at SolarWinds.SEUM.Common.Http.HttpsSetup.FindCertificate(String name, Boolean removeCertificateIfKeySizeDoesNotMatch)
      at SolarWinds.SEUM.Agent.Service.AgentServiceApp.RestartServiceHost()"

      The weird thing is when i look at the machine certificates in the MMC i cant find any reference to that particular certificate. Any help would be appreciated.

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          that error should have only one reason and that is multiple certificates with the same name in certificate store. These certificates should be in "Computer account" store in "Personal->Certificates" folder. Are you sure you are checking the right store? If you find certificates with this name, delete all of them and restart service. It should recreate certificate as needed.