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    Client Page Edit ability


      There are a few things I am trying to do.


      1. I'm trying to rename "Help Request." If this is hard coded, that is silly.

      2. I do not want to display "Request detail" and "Priority" on the front page. I have turned this off in other places, however does not seem to work on this page.

      3. I would really like to add request types or pop ups(should be drop-downs, correct terminology would be nice.) that have sub categories inside a ticket custom fields. 


      Any information about this is greatly appreciated. Searching for this found me with not so much.

        • Re: Client Page Edit ability
          Peter Krutý

          Hi davpunk,


          Ad 1) You just need to edit C:\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\conf\labels\Labels.properties or create your own following the README file in the same directory.

          Ad 2) You can hide request detail in settings of each Request Type. You can also hide Priority in Setup -> Tickets -> Options.

          Ad 3) Hierarchical custom fields are now not supported. It would be a feature request.


          Hope that helps,