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    Move filter into group?


        I have created a Group within the Monitor screen. I'm trying to move some similar filters into it. However, while I can click and drag filters into an order, I can't get them into the group. There is also no way to select a filter, click on the gear icon and "Send To" the group, nor is there a way to click on the Group, click the gear icon and create them there. How can I get filters into a group??

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              nicole pauls

              Two ways:

              1. When creating a NEW filter that you want in a group, click on the group header (orange), then click + to add a filter.
              2. Drag and drop. You can see the orange/blue lines and arrows indicate which "level" it's going to drop into (inside/outside the group)


              So, in testing this myself, I think I found a bug, which is probably what you are hitting. I had to do #1 before I did #2 - I had to create a group, create a "test" filter in that group by clicking on the group, then I could drag other filters into the group.


              Let me know if that's the same thing you're running into and I'll get a bug filed. All the things you think should work SHOULD work, but seem to not until there's another filter in the group first.