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    Problem with NCM 7.2 Upgrade from 7.1.1


      I receive the following error when trying to upgrade NCM to the latest version. This happens during the Config Wizard Database step, ProcessingCirrus_DefaultWeb.sql file. I'm unable to use NCM, trying to open the app just prompts for the Config Wizard to run again. Please assist, thanks!



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          This looks similar to a problem we ran into when we upgraded to NPM v10.5.  In our case, the Wizard terminated since there was a view that was not updated.  I opened a case w/SW SW tech support.  The tech assigned to the case was able to fix the issue but it took some work.  He had to run some SQL scripts and delete some tables.  Again, it took a bit, but eventually the issue got corrected and the Config Wizard completed successfully.  So, I would strongly suggest for you to call SW tech support as well. Best wishes.