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    Netapp SnapMirror Logs


      Reaching out to the community on this question. Has anyone successfully used LEM to pull or even push the SnapMirror Log file to a LEM server? If so what were the steps taken to make this possible.



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          nicole pauls

          We have requests for Snap Manager and Snap Drive, but not Snap Mirror - do you know where it logs? The other two log to the Windows Event Log.

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              SnapManager and SnapDrive are netapp windows applications. SnapMirror is a process that runs on the netapp filer and logs to a text file on the filer itself. I can not confirm, but I have read that the snapmirror log cannot be exported to syslog because of the log format, so it would require a process to pull the snapmirror.log file, then run it through a parser. I have read that people have successfully done this with Splunk, but I am unaware of a way that LEM could handle this. If someone comes up with a way, I would love to know about it too. It would be a very useful feature to me.