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    UDT 3.0.1 is Now Available


      You can find the installation packages in your customer portal.

      This service release delivers the following fixes:

      • Fixed multiple SSID issues.
      • Fixed an issue where user information was not being displayed.
      • Fixed issues with database maintenance not completing.
      • Fixed issue where "All Network Connections" resource would not load until clicking the refresh icon.
      • Fixed issue where Wireless resources popup shows invalid data.
      • Fixed issue with false MAC address alerts.
      • Fixed issue with alerts not triggering for new MAC addresses after upgrading UDT.
      • Fixed SSID association issue with Cisco wireless devices.

      More details can be found here.

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          I got into one issue:one MAC has no longer connected to my Network, but it is still in Current Network Connection Resource with indirect connection type. Some trunk ports in Switches has this MAC connected indirectly. That why my watch list is always active with this MAC. Does the new update will address my issue?