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    Not able to push agents remotely on server 2008 and windows 7.




      I am just wondering if someone is having the same issue.


      In our environment, I'm able to push the LEM agents remotely using the remote installer on our Windows XP and server 2003 with no issues. Also, I can uninstall the agents using the remote uninstaller as well, however, I'm not able to do the same thing (install/uninstall) the agents on Windows 7 and server 2008 using the remote agent. If I manually install the agent using local installer, it works. I do not want to use local installer because it will take forever to go thru this manual process.


      I disable the UAC, Antivirus, ran the installer as local admin, domain admin - I mean I tried everything but it is not working. I see the contegospop folder in the directory of the destination server and the process (swlem) is also running but the solarwinds service shows 'starting' and it sits there forever.


      Any idea?