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    Cannot see my alerts sometimes (most of the time)


      I  have been running AC for the last few weeks,  it is all setup and i am receiving all the alerts via email and sms and it is working great in that regard. However when i log into alert centrals web interface and click on the alerts tab, i do not see my alerts,  i will sometimes see the notified alerts and sometimes not i will sometimes see the all alerts but closed (sometimes) but most of the time not.  I would really like to see them so i can have an overview of how things are going.  AC is working great by taking my hundreds of alert emails and filtering out the none important stuff and distributing to the people who need to know.


      I am running AC on Hyper-V running 2 cores and 4GB ram.  The speed is not an issue as the web interface is quick and responsive and i can pull up all of the other info except the alerts 100% of the time.  The alerts are not being trashed as the categories on the side contains the Quantity of alerts in each of them.  however when you click on them in the bottom right hand corner it says no data and i do get that yellow progress bar.  I am running the latest release and i have tried restarting the VM host.


      Can someone please give me some insite?