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    Energywise Overall Power Consumption displaying incorrect data


      I have recently setup energywise in my network and hoped to use NPM to track the usage and savings.  When I look at the default energywise view built into NPM I can see these metrics.  Where the issue lies is in the data presented by the resources within this page.  The "All Nodes" resource does show the correct amount of switches that are enabled for energywise, but the other resources don't appear to be showing the summation of data from all the energywise enabled nodes.  It is only showing around 200W across all devices.  When you drill down into the node details for each switch you can see the correct power consumption for that specific node, so NPM is pulling the data from each individual node.  This appears to be affecting the "Overall Historical Power Consumption", "Overall Savings", and Reports for energywise.  Has anyone had this issue and figured out a resolution?


      I tried creating a new view with the "overall power consumption" resource, but it still appears to be showing the data for one node only instead of all energywise devices.