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    Time stamp of emails from Alert Central is off


      I just installed Alert Central virtual appliance (v in my VMWare environment. I set the virtual Appliance to use Eastern Standard Time (Set Timezone - Current:EDT). I was able to setup the Email account for Alert Central and add domain users. I set the domain user time zone to Eastern Standard Time as well. I also added Orion as my source.


      The issue is when I go to Alerts tab in Alert Central, all the alerts I see are few hours behind from my current time zone. When I login to Orion NPM, I get alerts in real time. Also, when I get the email from Alert Central to my Outlook inbox, the Time of Alert is from yesterday. When I try to acknowledge the alert, it reply's back with an email saying "unable to acknowledge the alert" and the time stamp in the email is also wrong.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.