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    ipMonitor fails after BigIP upgrade to 11.4.0 from 10.2.3...


      I have recently upgraded my BigIP from 10.2.3 to 10.4.0. When I make the newly upgraded box the active node, all of the SNMP monitors that were created to monitor the Virtual Servers turn from yellow to red. I've checked and the OIDs in SNMP and they're identical on the upgraded box and the non-upgraded box. I'm not entirely sure what's happening here. I can provide more information if needed.

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          As per our phone conversation via case 506408, you need to find out why the OID you are using no longer works against the upgraded BigIP system.  We know it's not an SNMP communication problem because generic OIDs work fine.  It is possible that the newer OS no longer supports that OID and/or the resource needs to be monitored using a different/newer OID.  BigIP support should be able to answer these questions.




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