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    Adding additional options to Java/JavaMail


      Is it possible to set the following on the Alert Central appliance (Java)




      This should help alleviate a problem I'm having getting Alert Central setup with Exchange 2010. (A1 NO AUTHENTICATION).




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          I don't think so.  The properties are set internal in Alert Central or by the mail library itself.


          Are you trying to connect to Exchange with no authentication?

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              Opposite, actually. I'm connecting to an Exchange 2010 system. It broadcasts AUTH=PLAIN which seems to trigger javamail to try it. It doesn't actually work. Exchange-2010 SMTP AUTH support

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                  Can you supply all the error output that appears in the textbox on the GSW email page?  The Java mail library should be trying more than just PLAIN.  It should be trying the different AUTH types until one is successful.


                  Are you putting the email address in as the username:  acaccount@mailserver.com ? Also, you mentioned imap but the link is for SMTP.  Which step is the email test failing at?

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                      I tried with both a shared user and a regular user. Here's the output sanitized from a shared try.

                      DEBUG: trying to connect to host "mail.dom.com", port 993, isSSL true
                      * OK The Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 service is ready.
                      A0 CAPABILITY
                      A0 OK CAPABILITY completed.
                      DEBUG IMAP: AUTH: NTLM
                      DEBUG IMAP: AUTH: GSSAPI
                      DEBUG IMAP: AUTH: PLAIN
                      DEBUG: protocolConnect login, host=mail.dom.com, user=dom\username\alias, password=<non-null> // I tried about every variation of username I could think of. and then some.
                      DEBUG IMAP: AUTHENTICATE PLAIN command trace suppressed
                      DEBUG IMAP: AUTHENTICATE PLAIN command result: A1 NO AUTHENTICATE failed.

                      In particular, while it mentions SMTP in the thread title, it's referencing the the IMAP implementation:

                      RFC: 3501 http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3501.txt

                      Title: Internet Message Access Protocol – Version 4rev1

                      Updated by: 4466, 4469, 4551, 5032, 5182

                      Obsoletes: 2060

                      Exchange 2010 specific: Implemented by Exchange 2010 (AUTH=PLAIN not supported)


                      Other interesting threads:

                      JavaMail API Reference Implementation: Wiki: Exchange &mdash; Project Kenai

                      The exchange connector has the following settings of interest:

                      ProtocolName : IMAP4

                      Name : 1

                      MaxCommandSize : 10240

                      ShowHiddenFoldersEnabled : False

                      UnencryptedOrTLSBindings : {:::143,}

                      SSLBindings : {:::993,}

                      InternalConnectionSettings : {hostname.dom.com:993:SSL, hostname.dom.com:143:TLS}

                      LoginType : SecureLogin

                      EnableGSSAPIAndNTLMAuth : True