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    Another report writer problem


      I have a custom SQL report that works fine in SQL management studio. When I copy and paste it into a custom SQL report in report writer and try to execute the query (or change to the field formatting tab which apparently triggers a query) the Querying Database box comes up but the query never completes. It runs in SQL management studio in about 5 seconds. I actually let this run in report writer while I left and worked on something else for 2 hours and it was still querying when I came back. The only things in this query that are any different from other custom reports I have are a table variable and a case clause. Does report writer have issues with these? I'm wondering if it has something to do with report writer attempting to assign default field formatting? I've noticed in previous reports it tries to assign formatting automatically and I've had to go in and change it to get the results I want. Perhaps it has trouble assigning the formatting because I'm populating the table variable and then doing my select from the table variable and it doesn't know how to deal with that? Is there a way I can prevent it from trying to automatically assign field formatting BEFORE it tries to execute a query for the first time? Or maybe I'm completely off track with that line of thinking?