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    Alert "dependencies"


      All of our alerts are handled by our ticketing system.  This creates a problem when the device/system generating the alerts is not smart enough to suppress them based on other conditions.  For instance, at one of our locations, when utility power is interrupted, we receive a few alerts from the UPS itself, as well as a dozen or more alerts from the CRAC units.  These alerts all come from either the UPS interface, or a secondary monitoring system for the CRAC units that has basically no advanced functionality. 


      If utility power is interrupted, I am only concerned with UPS statuses and would like to NOT see the CRAC alerts because they are false positives.  So I am looking for a way to minimize the number of actual tickets that are generated and wonder if Alert Central can help with that. 


      Can I set it up so that if there's already an alert for the UPS, the CRAC unit alerts get dumped? I have watched the Alert Central setup video but could not tell if this would be possible or not.  So before I go to the trouble of installing and configuring the product, I would like to know if it will do what I need it to do.