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    IBM Storewize V7000 support




      Is support for the IBM Storewize family of arrays in the pipeline? We can trick S/W into treating ours as SVC which gives us 90% of what we need but it overlooks that fact that the V7000s have local disk so we can't report on those or RAW storage of the array.


      We also use V7000 unified which would be great to report on, any news on wheter we'll ever see support for these? If not has anyone been able to get file system stats from a SONAS cluster using the Generic NAS device option?


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          Hi bstew,


          Showing internal storage (local storage) for the v7000 is something that is pretty high on our list, but there is no timeframe I can give you at the moment.


          This is the first request I've heard for the v7000 Unified platform, so there are no plans yet to support this device. However, we do drive our roadmaps largely based around customer feedback such as this, so please don't hesitate to request it in our Idea Forum so other v7000 Unified owners can make their opinions heard as well.

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              We cannot get performance data into Storage Manager for our v7000 Unified. Had we known that, we porbably would not have purchased the product. In the supported devices, when you list v7000 as supported, but do not support platforms that are utilise the v7000, you might want to mention that with an asterik.