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    Initial Setup of Alert Central


      I am missing something with my initial setup of Alert Central. I have the virtual machine for Alert Central up and running. I've successfully worked past the EMail Setup as well as the Active Directory Integration. My problem appears when I try to Add New Orion Sources. I have an Orion Network Performance Monitor server version 10.5 and it is integrated with a Microsoft SQL Server version 2012. I also have a Log and Event Manager Server running version 5.6.0. I cannot get either to connect to Alert Central. Both are standard installations. I've looked through the Thwack Community Boards. I've tried both local and domain accounts but the failure comes at the basic communication, not at the login. After I enter the information and click on the "Test" button the "Contacting Server" button starts but then a message "Network communication error occurred." appears after a short period of time. The Alert Central virtual machine is on the same VM as both the NPM and LEM servers. They are all on the same subnet and I have all three open on my computer when I am trying to setup Alert Central.


      What am I missing?