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    Remove secondary polling engine


      We were recently testing a secondary polling engine but decided we would rather use the poller to support a test environment. How do I remove the poller information from my current production environment? I can see the reference in my database manager, but can I just delete the entry from the DB without blowing up the installation?

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          Ensure you don't have any nodes/object being polled by that system -> manage nodes view -> select polling engine in "group by" drop down box and select that polling engine.


          if you are moving to another system (install somewhere else), uninstall and that should remove from DB.

          if not, run config wizard and point to new DB.


          to verify removed or to remove cleanly, go to settings page and click on "polling engines".  When nothing is assigned to it, it should ask you if you want to remove from DB.



          worst case:

          check the DB at this point "select * from engines" and if the entry for that still exists, you should be alright deleting that row.

          **** always perform a backup of your DB prior to doing any kind of work in it.