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    How to Capture Web Pages Periodically?




      I'm having a problem capturing the output of several Orion web pages. Specifically some in the NTA (Netflow) section, but my question is really more generic and related to the way Orion itself does things...


      I've tried many ways to capture the output. I don't care if it's text or graphics or anything in-between, but I need to capture the Netflow output (stuff on the web page) from Orion. I've written scripts which work fine, except they return perfectly captured and rendered EMPTY pages. I've tried specialty programs expressly for the purpose of GRAPHICALLY capturing the page and returning the content as an actual image... with the exact same results-- an IMAGE of a perfectly rendered, but otherwise EMPTY web page. The problem seems to be (my guess) is that the web page is loading okay, and then the Javascript on the page is going out and pulling the images (graphs / charts / data / whatever) to display afterwards. So my scripts and the various programs are doing what they're supposed to do, except they're not waiting around long enough for the JS to finish doing its thing and getting the whole, complete, finally-rendered page.


      I am under the gun to capture this information for upper mgmt and aside from custom sql queries-- which I'm ALSO having problems with-- the queries from the Report Writer are throwing up SQL errors (see my other post regarding that if you're interested). I did up the retention period considerably in the hope that if all went bad I could at least go back and query the database. Presumably there is some way to extract what I need. But I'm not having much luck getting it done and I'm in urgent need of being able to capture these pages (or get the report some other way) for our study.


      Can anybody suggest a solution??




      John Whitten

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          Have you tried either the Report Scheduler tool or the Email a Web Page alert action?


          The Report Scheduler runs on the SOlarWinds server and allows one to use the Task Scheduler on the server to email or print any web page by referencing the URL.


          If you need to do this as part of an alert, you may have the alert email the web page, again, by referencing the URL corresponding to the NTA page you want.


          Hope this is of some help.

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              Hi. yes. That is one of the first things I thought of, however, it only permits me to schedule a report for a maximum of one time per day. I need to do it every 30 minutes-- however, you've just given me an idea-- perhaps I could just set up multiple reports. That'd be a pain, but if it would work, it would solve my immediate problem.