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    Rotating schedule


      Currently we do 6AM Monday - 6AM Monday with a rotating list of 3 people on call (1st, 2nd and 3rd) that rotates weekly.


      Is this even possible to do in Alert Central?

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          There is a bug with recurring schedules in the current release which will be fixed in the upcoming one, however yes, it is possible to do this.


          1. Create a new on-call assignment for user 1
          2. select all day
          3. set the starting date to be a monday
          4. set the ending date to be something like a year or more from now
          5. select recur
          6. select weekly for the recurrence pattern
          7. Recur every 3 weeks
          8. select all days of the week


          Repeat this for user 2, except have it start the following Monday.

          Repeat for user 3, starting the following monday after user 2 start.

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            Kellie Mecham

            Hey everyone,


            We're getting ready to do some "show me how you use it" sessions with existing AC users to learn how to make the on call calendar better. We'd sure love your participation!  All this is is a 1 hour GoToMeeting where you talk us through how you're using the on call calendar, tell us what you like about it, what you don;t like about it, and any ideas for improving it.  People who participate in these "show us" sessions next week will get 2,000 thwack points; plus, there is a likelihood that your feedback will directly improve the ease of use and usefulness of on call calendars down the road.  You can email me privately at kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com to set up a time or learn more.