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    SQL ERROR - Invalid Object Name: 'NetflowApplicationSummary'


      I'm attempting to run a modified version of the "Top 100 Conversations including Applications" report from the Report Writer in Orion and I keep getting the following SQL error:


      Invalid Object Name: 'NetflowApplicationSummary'


      I thought perhaps it might have just been the modification I made to the sql to change the time range (to 1 hour) but the original report bombed too in the same way. I don't know if I've ever run this report before (thinking I haven't) so I don't know if it has ever worked. Does anybody know what the problem might be? I'm under the gun to capture and report netflow data to upper mgmt for a usage analysis issue and I'm not having a lot of luck with using Orion to do it.


      Thanks for any assistance!


      John Whitten


      (My Orion parts: Orion 2013.1.0 / NPM 10.5 / SAM 5.5.0 / NTA 3.11.0 / IVIM 1.6.0).


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