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    Foward to syslog or SIEM


      Is there a way to foward all messages that are in the netperfmon event log to an external sylslog server or Siem Tool. I know you can add this as an action in advance alerting but I want to foward all the messages in the netperfmon event log

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          hi Jeffrey,


          can you tell me why are you trying to do? NPM can re-send syslog traps as they come. there is currently no tool how to re-send existing logs in bulk as syslog but that could be solved via some workaround. But I'd like to understand the use case bit better.




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              we have recently purchased a SIEM tool. We currently send Syslog messages to the SIEM from a variety of systems. I was looking for a way that I could have all of the events that show up in the NetPerMon Event log forwarded using the syslog protocol to the SIEM tool. I know I could modify each individual alert in alert manager and add an action of foward to syslog. This would be quite combersome to acomplish.