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    Support CustomPollerAssignment on Orion SDK?



      Does support Orion SDK for creating/assign any custompoller to a node? I try to do this but I got "Access to Orion.NPM.CustomPollerAssignment denied." error.


      My code is (C# / VS 2010):


                      string _nodeName = Methods.getNodeName(_nodeID);

                      string _CPID = Methods.getCustomPollerID(_customPollerUniqueName);

                      string uri_Details = swis.Create("Orion.NPM.CustomPollerAssignment", new PropertyBag


                                                          {"CustomPollerAssignmentID", Guid.NewGuid()},

                                                          {"AssignmentName", _customPollerUniqueName + " on " +_nodeName },

                                                          {"CustomPollerID", _CPID},

                                                          {"NodeID", _nodeID},

                                                          {"InterfaceID", "0"}


                      Constants.logger.Debug(String.Format("{0} ID'li node icin {2} custompoller'ı olarak eklendi.", _nodeID, _customPollerUniqueName));