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    Alert Central v1.1 Beta - Now Available!

    nicole pauls

      UPDATE (Aug 19): Alert Central v1.1 Beta is Now Available! Check out this post in the The specified item was not found. forum for more details: Alert Central v1.1 Beta Now Available


      Hey everyone, I wanted to jump in and pass on the heads up that we're preparing for the next beta release of Alert Central. We expect it to hit the streets next week, and I'll post a full change log in the The specified item was not found. forum with more info on what to test, any known issues, and any new notes.


      Here's a preview of what's coming in v1.1:

      • Notification of Alert Central upgrades in your admin AC console and admin weekly report (and support for proxy servers, so your upgrade feed doesn't get interrupted)
      • A slew of improvements to user validation to help those of you with cell phones and improve your expected workflow, including:
        • The option to not automatically send the self-validation email on import
        • The ability for an admin to see whether a user's address is self-validated from the users grid, not just from alerts themselves
        • The ability for an admin to re-send the self-validation email
        • The ability for an admin to manually validate an email address directly
        • Issues with self-validating SMS from Android
      • Support for Exchange Web Services to receive email from Exchange directly, not just via IMAP/POP
      • A bunch of bug fixes for issues reported here on Thwack, including:
        • Buttons appearing wonky when viewing alerts in gmail
        • Notes being truncated to 60 characters and some general misbehavior with longer text
        • Increased session timeout from 10 to 60 minutes
        • Some issues with creating recurring calendar entries


      I'll update this post with a link to the beta forum when it's available. Thanks for reporting your issues and working with our team here on Thwack!