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    PortStatus in UDT_AllEndPoints for Reporting


      So I am in the middle of a painful(users) subnet migration, normally part of this process we use the Engineering Toolset Switchport Mapper to get our switch, IP, Mac, *portstatus*, interface information.  Then we take that information and massage is in excel.  The process seems a bit clunky to me so I thought why not use the data in UDT to get accurate data on demand.


      Well one problem we have is we have devices that don't populate MAC or IP but they still show the interface being up(UDT - Portstatus).  So I took a look at the canned report UDT Connected Device > Active Endpoints (per node) report in report writer.  Its the perfect report for our needs, I can add filters to get it down to one data closet at time however the output seems to require something being in the mac address field.


      So right now I am looking at the report and its skipped over a port that I know to have an ASA5505 plugged into it, and in UDT under that switch it shows the port status as UP.  So I tried to add the "PortStatus" to the Active Endpoints (per node) report and it throws a "Invalid column name 'PortStatus'."


      Is there a way to get this value into the report without having to completely rewrite the report in raw SQL?


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