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    report writer question


      First, let me apologize if this is not in the right forum - im new here on thwack, but im desperate. :-) lol, no digs there.


      anyway, Ive seen this answered *sort of* but not succinctly to my issue, and it is:

      I need 95% bandwidth report that AVG's ONLY between 8 and 5, eastern time. I cannot believe this is not an option, but its not.

      Why would anyone want to average non working hours? those 0.0's will make the data totally useless. Im not a sql superhero, or I suppose

      I would be writing some code now. Ive tried searching, but most code snippets are for other versions, apps, etc, and I only get errors.


      does anyone have this (probably like a where between 08:00:00 and 17:00:00 kind of thing) ?


      I would also like to post this in the please add to npm section, as I think its fundamental, and really underlines why we wanted monitoring software in the first place.


      Thanks in advance, Y'all.