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    SG-200 Add node




      I have exploring the LEM and in this regards trying to add the Cisco SG 200 (http://www.cisco.com/cisco/web/solutions/small_business/products/routers_switches/200_series_switches/index.html-tab-Models )switches as node. 


      I have configured the LEM address and port from the Switch web console but LEM wizard is unable to discover them.


      Any advise will be welcome

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          nicole pauls

          If you're using the "Scan for New Nodes", it's possible there aren't enough events generated in the timeframe we're scanning for to conclusively discover your device. You might need to manually configure it instead (from Manage > Appliances, left Gear on the appliance -> Connectors).


          You might also try toward the end of the day after it's been sending events for a while, there might be more data then. If we need to, we can dig in to determine which connector to configure, or whether this is the case.