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    Ndepth: "No results available" on first seach


      This has happened enough times that I'm finally posting about it. This is LEM 5.6 VM, upgraded just this week.


      Nearly 100% of the time, when I try to narrow my first Ndepth search, I am told that there are No Matching Results Found, even though the Refine Fields column on the left shows result for that host. Here is an example:


      1) Login to LEM, go to Explore > Ndepth. Ndepth automatically pulls up the last 10 minutes of events.

      2) See that ServerX has 546 events.  (Or there a UserLogoff events numbering 7,442 or whatever. It doesn't seem to matter.)

      3) Drag the criteria up to the search bar and click the Play button.

      4) Pull hair out when you're told there are No Matching Results Found.

      5) Repeat process, this time results appear.



         Has anyone else seen this behavior or know how to fix it? 

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          Found something strange... so it appears that when I drag the first search up to the search bar, the criteria is mangled: instead of showing up as Event Name = UserLogon  (for example) it looks like this:


          Event Name#UserLogon


            So the question is, why is LEM mangling the search criteria? I'm not modifying it at all, just dragging it up from the Refine Fields column.

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              nicole pauls

              I think in the first search case when you drag over from the refine fields into the default empty text search, for some reason it's not replacing it, it's dumping what you see into it. Instead, I think if you empty out the default empty box search (hit the X when you hover), THEN drag up your refine field, it might work. It's kind of irritating and something we should fix.