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    Time zone challenge


      I can't get FTP Voyager to adjust for different time zones when comparing files. 2 identical files, differentiated only by their time zone, are compared as one being older than the other.


      I have made the change suggested by KB Article #1299. I exited, restarted, copied a file, and same problem. Just in case, I exited, restarted, and problem is still there.


      Synch always has this behavior. If I choose Edit->Select Different, then it will treat the files as the same (and even show the local date/time) until I exit FTP Voyager and re-start it. Then, when I compare the directories, it's back to seeing the time zone difference as one file being older than the other.


      Is there a workaround or a fix?

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          I haven't verified this, but there are some settings in FTP Voyager that may provide a solution to your problem.  They're located under the "Site Profile | Advanced Options | File Handling" section:

          • Keep server file time on downloaded files
          • Keep local file time on uploaded file
          • Set local file to match remote when unable to set remote time


          Please, refer to the help documentation for more information on these settings.