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    SNMP Traps & ServiceNow / ITSM tools query


      Hi all,


      We're currently looking into the SNMP trap functionality that our ITSM tool (ServiceNow) has available & would like to configure Solarwinds alerting to send traps to this in order to automatically raise the relevant 'tickets'


      However, looking on both ServiceNow forums & also on here, I have to say, haven't found a wealth of information (lot's of noise)... So, my questions regard this are


      - Has anyone managed to implement a similar setup (perhaps even with another ITSM tool) & would be willing to share what process they went through to enable this? Or give some tips?

      - Where I might start looking in order to find out some solid information on this subject so that I can attempt to get this function in place?

      - Has anyone come up against any 'limitations' with this kind of setup?

      - Any other info would be welcomed


      Yeah, so in short, for an example, Disk space alert is triggered > Solarwinds sends a trap to ServiceNow > ticket is raised with relevant info > Actions taken as required OR reset detected in Solarwinds > further trap sent that closes the ticket in ServiceNow - obviously would also be looking at other types as well


      If I can clarify or elaborate on the above at all, give me a shout


      Thanks in advance,