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    Is there any way to differentiate limitations on tabs?


      Here's some context for the question.


      I'm building a view to help one of our product managers monitor the entire topology of his application.

      The functionality I'm trying to provide will basically give him a pane or two of glass that will arm him with accurate information when a user reaches out complaining of latency, poor performance, etc.

      We want to be able to (relatively) quickly look at the DB health, the utilization of the pertinent MPLS links, and NTA views of who's talking to his SQL instance to have good talking points. I'd like to keep this to two tabs tops, but I presently am lacking a solution.

      Not sure if I'm just missing something obvious or not.


      Here's what I want to do:


      1. Show him the one instance of SQL that is dedicated to his product. I can do this in a view, no problem.

      2. Show him sflow/netflow information with regard to any endpoint speaking to the SQL box on the particular non-standard port the product uses. I can also do this in a saved/filtered NTA view - again, no problem.

      3. Show him WAN utilization of some remote sites where our employees are accessing said SQL back-end from. Again, no problem.


      These views differ in filtering logic, so I'm trying to find the best way to present this in an easy-to-navigate fashion.

      I could just build three pages - I see that. What I'd love to do is apply different filtering logic to the tabs and accomplish it that way.

      Is this possible via some dark method, or will I just need to build three views? I'm blanking.