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    New Application monitor not showing up in alert list


         I have created a SAM template that checks the Windows Event Log (application) for cetain events. I have saved the template and I am trying to create an Alert for it in NPM. However, when I choose New alert, then under Trigger condition I select APM: Component, the component monitor I created is not listed.  I have tried selecting APM: Application, but the Application template I created doesn't show up either.




      1) Created a SAM template using the Windows Event Log Monitor

      2) Configured the Windows ELM component to look for events 1007,1009    (Exchange replication issues)

      3) Called the template Exchange Replication Event Monitor

      4) Clicked Submit

      5) Logged onto NPM server, opened Advanced Alerts, selected New

      6) Type of Property to Monitor:  APM: Component

      7) Trigger Alert when All of the following apply

                Node Status is equal to Up

                Component name is equal to   (Exchange Replication Event Monitor is not listed)