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    Cost cloud EC2 limited to a data center


      Is there an easy way to limit the cloud clost EC2 dashboard widgets to a single data center.

      I want to see the cost for each data center not all together.


      also will this type of dashboard be expanded to other cloud providers? Azure,etc?



        • Re: Cost cloud EC2 limited to a data center

          You can edit scope of the trends which are used on default EC2 dashboard.


          1. Go to Explore > Content, filter content by type and check Trends
          2. Search for ec2 keyword so you get list of all ec2 trends.
          3. Edit the scope of related trends: click Configure and in the Scope section > Search query add the following subquery "AND vm.datacenter.name:<name_of_your_datacenter>"
          4. Save updated trend as the new one
          5. Repeat step 2 - 4 for ebs keyword
          6. Edit widgets on EC2 dashboard so you assign your newly created datacenter restricted trends to all widgets.


          Adding other cloud cost providers could be an interesting feature in some of future versions. Thanks for your feedback.