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    Double 'Tab' needed to jump fields in some areas


      I've noticed that in some cases, but not all, to go to the next field I'm having to tap the TAB key twice.  I prefer not, but it if was at least twice in EVERY case I could live with that, but it seems that in some cases you can get to the next field (or radio button, check box, drop-down box etc) you can use one tab, and in other cases it takes two.


      The problem exists in all three browsers I have installed, IE, Chrome and FF.  The problem seems to be a bit worse in Chrome and FF, but it certainly effects all 3 browsers.  It is an extraordinarily frustrating bug, and it is definitely a bug.  I can see some sort of Java object being 'highlighted' in the status bar during the 'extra' tabs.  Is there any workaround for this or should I submit this as a trouble ticket/bug report?