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    snmpv3 issue



      I have a issue regarding SNMPv3. When my application is running and i am entering same configuration as per device detail like(host name, Authentication, user name, community string, privacy and privacy protocol)then snmp query is responding. but again if i am changing in any configuration that is not as per device then again snmp query is responding but logically it is incorrect. When i debug net snmp library i found that in code i.e 1st time "static int init_snmp_init_done = 0" and in function init_snmp() set this value 1 and read init_snmpv3(type);. next time if wrong information is entered then net snmp code check init_snmp_init_done parameter that has been 1 then return from function without checking init_snmpv3(type).

      in this bellow image device and application have same configuration then query is success but when i change the application parameter from MD5 to SHA then again query will success that is wrong as per logic.