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    AD credentials not working in NPM for VMware?




      I had a hard time finding what is really required for AD ( active Directory ) account to be used to do VMware polling in NPM.


      I see this basic one but its not updated nor does it match up to ESXi 5.1:


      SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: How can I create ESX Server credentials for Orion APM and NPM to use for monitoring?


      What I am confused about is what is it really asking for when I check the box to do VMware polling on an ESX host or a VM running on an ESX host.




      I see this and I think its credentials added via vSphere Client...am I correct?  I have an AD account in there that was set up as READ-ONLY yet when i enter the creds in there, it fails.


      IS there anything special about setting up an account in AD to work properly with Solarwind for virtualizations - VMware monitoring?  SNMP enabling on ESX host isnt what I am looking for here, even though that worked fine for me.  I just want to poll through the VMware API.


      Thank you.

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          Tony Vispetto


          The easiest way I found to obtain that visibility was to have an AD account added to the Read / Only admin group in VCenter. That will pull in the VCenter view into the Virtualization portion of NPM. You will then have to either conduct a sonar discovery or select each VM within the new VCenter view and import them for monitoring. Hope this helps