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    L2 Error Reporting from Juniper Devices


      I am having some issues when it comes to the reporting of L2 errors from Juniper devices. These errors are ones that happen daily and tend to clog our monitoring for interface errors. For the time being we have set up a second top 10 talkers list for monitoring, but due to the high amount of errors we may be missing important interface errors due to the L2 clutter.


      Is there any way to set Orion to either ignore L2 interface errors from Juniper devices without removing Juniper monitoring as a whole? We understand that Orion sees them as interface errors and thus reports them as such, but it would be nice to either remove the reporting or lower the priority so that other error groups have high precedence. 

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          As Orion only sees them as Interface errors, the only way to remove them would be to uncheck the option for Interface error reporting under each interface.  Unfortunately this would stop polling for interface errors in their entirety for those devices.  Just select the node, choose list resources, expand the interface and uncheck interface errors.  There's no way to tell Orion to ignore specific types as it's just polling an error counter from the device.



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