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    Map page - can we change the view?


      I have a number of maps created and they are handy for our NOC, but one thing they're requested is more detail in the device list displayed at the bottom of the map.  The summary table below the maps have limited information, and thye would like to see some of our user-entered data like site ID, or POC.  Is there a way to edit what's displayed in the table under the maps?


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          There's no edit ability to be able to add in more data.  Unfortunately it's built to be very limited.  Having said that, you can add more data to the map itself via labels.  You can right-click on a device on the map, choose add label, then edit the label and use a variable similar to what you'd use in Advanced Alerts.  If you have a custom property that's siteID, you'd use ${siteID} as the label name, then when viewing on the website, this label will produce that information under the icon on the map.



          Matthew Harvey

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