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    Is there any way to show the UDT "All Network Connections" resource on the "Node Details" page?


      A real world example would be the easiest way for me to explain this:


      We have all our Wireless APs in NPM as a node that is just monitored by ICMP. Sometimes, the WAP's go unresponsive, and the way to fix it, is to do a 'shut/no shut' on the port on the switch that the AP is connected to. So I want to be able to see in NPM that the node is down, and then directly be able to see the port that it's connected to in the "Node Details" page, click on the port, and do the 'shut/no shut' directly from Solarwinds.


      In UDT, if I search for an IP address, it takes me right to the UDT page for that IP address, and it has the "All Network Connections" resource. I basically want that resource on the Node Details page. Is there any way to do this?