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    Cannot add DNS servers to IPAM



      We have two domain controllers that are DNS servers as well (1 Win2003,1 Win2008). These servers are already added as nodes and monitoring AD services and also sending user information for UDT.

      However when I try to add the Win2008 them in IPAM as DNS server the credentials don't work. When I used the option "Inherit credentials from Orion node" I get the error: "credentials not found".

      When I try to input the credentials manually I get the following error:

      Test Failed

      1) Username/Password provided is misspelled. 2) You might be trying to connect with a credential which might be valid on some computers and may not exist on other computers. 3) Check your firewall settings (InnerException)Generic failure  Scope:\root\MicrosoftDNS[\hdi-fl\adminaccount] ErrorCode: 0x80041001 (InnerException)Generic failure

      I am thinking he problem might be related to option 3 firewall settings.

      Any sugestions will be appreciated.