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    IPFIX on Extreme Networks switch


      I am trying to configure IPFIX on an Extreme Networks x460 but receiving the following error in NTA:


      NetFlow Receiver Service [servername] received an invalid IPFIX template with ID 265 from device


      After looking at the data being sent to the collector I seem to be missing both the INPUT_SNMP and OUTPUT_SNMP information, (presuming this is the issue, please correct me if I am wrong) how do you configure the switch to provide the missing data?


      current IPFIX config:

      configure ip-fix ip-address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx protocol udp L4-port 2055 vr "VR-Default"

      configure ip-fix source ip-address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx vr "VR-Default"

      configure ip-fix ports 47 ingress-and-egress

      enable ip-fix ports 47 ipv4

      configure ip-fix ports 48 ingress-and-egress

      enable ip-fix ports 48 ipv4


      Show ip-fix

      Global IPFIX State: Enabled
      Domain:             0
      Source (Exporter) IP:   xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx      Virtual Router:         "VR-Default"
      Collector IP:           xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
      Transport Protocol/Port/State:  UDP, Port 2055, NA

      Flow Keys:
      IPv4:   "Source-IP"  "Source L4 Port"  "Dest-IP"  "Dest L4 Port"  "L4 Protocol"  "TOS"

      IPv6:   "Source-IP"  "Source L4 Port"  "Dest-IP"  "Dest L4 Port"  "Next Header"  "TOS"  "Flow Label"

      Non-IP: "Source MAC"  "Dest MAC"  "Ethertype"  "VLAN ID"  "Priority"  "Tagged"

      IPFIX Enabled on Port(s):    47-48


      Any help/recommendations much appreciated!






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          Hi Keith,


          you are right about those two fields missing is the reason why the template is rejected. Unfortunately have at least one of those fields is a must have for NTA to be able to pair flows with information from NPM.

          You can try to ask Extreme Networks if they can add those fields in some of future versions of ExtremeXOS...



          Correct Answerby keithb on Jul 25, 2013 7:33 AM

          This has now been resolved,


          Although I have been unable to find any documented fix for this in the EXOS release notes it works on EXOS 15.3 but didn't on 12.6 or 15.2.